You most probably love your home in Leicester because every room makes you feel comfortable and safe.

But in some instances, you may find you don’t have sufficient space to include every idea you’ve visualised for your home.

You may be contemplating about converting all your unused space and get quotes from a Leicester loft conversion service provider, which is the best way to get what you want.

You may want to pull the trigger on the idea but don’t know how to get started.

You are most probably overwhelmed with the rigours of life. And with this it’s understandable that you don’t know anything about attic conversions, which is already a challenging task.

And that’s where we come into play! We’ll eliminate all the stress for you and get the procedure concluded ASAP.

So if you’re looking to convert your unused attic space, we are more than happy to guide and help you.

We draft our pricing quotes in such a way you can easily understand and is comprehensive. You’ll know exactly what to get that’s within your price range.

We don’t do any sub-contracting. All our teams and employees are based in Leicester and have actually been working alongside us for many years. By reading through our customer reviews and testimonials, you will see the quality of we put in in our work.

We offer our clients ten years long valid warranty, so you’ll be covered for many years to come. Also, we allow the warranty to be transferred.

No matter the circumstances you’re facing, we’re committed to helping you in whatever you want. We’ll be with you all step of the way from start to finish. We been in operation for over two years and have many happy clients.

Convert Your Leicester Attic Space with Velux Style Loft Conversions

Velux style loft Conversions are best suited for under-utilised roof space. Velux is straight-forward and provides the flexibility you want. The windows are positioned in correspondence to the roof so that you won’t require major exterior construction to the finishing.

Dormer Style Loft Conversions

Many of our clients select the Dormer loft Conversion mainly because it’s got the greatest potential that provides you with the space you want as compared to other loft styles. For a sloping roof surface, the conversion will extend out vertically instead. It will provide you with a new space for your place. The walls will be vertical while ceilings horizontal, which really opens up extension space that other converted lofts.

Mansard Style Attic Conversions

This is a classic way for adding an extension. The mansard will be put at the back because the roof surface is flat. Conversions like these allow you to do a variety of flexible things with the space in your Leicester home.

The hip-to-gable conversion is popular among many people. You only need to make the sloped roof side into a flat edge. That will give it additional loft space.

Why Work With Us

We are seasoned professionals who’ve been in operating in and around Leicester for a while now. What we give in our initial quote is what you’ll pay; so you don’t have to worry about additional fees later on.

We are certified, insured, and have been working for nearly two years and finishing 1500+ lofts.