Creating More Space with PineTree Loft Conversions

PineTree have simplified the process of building loft conversions. Therefore, if you would like to add space to your home, it may be a good idea to consider choosing PineTree.

Who Are PineTree?

It is a loft conversion company with loft extension specialists and an effective approach to loft conversion.

Our company fully understands that every project is unique and has its own unique needs.

An attic converted by PineTree

This has made us design our clients’ space based on their needs. Our tailor-made build process has enabled us to create unique loft conversions that meet the needs of our clients.

You can add new rooms to your home by checking our unique conversion plans.

Most of the homeowners out there love their home. However, as the family grows, they require more space.

Many people now prefer extending their homes whenever they need additional space. Those who do not have a garden space to extend should consider extending their homes upwards.

Conversions often increase the value of a home and building loft conversions is something that PineTree is experienced and knowledgeable in.

What makes us unique is the fact that we build off-site in the factory and deliver and install in weeks at your home.

PineTree Lofts

Loft Conversions

The PineTree loft conversions system can quickly and easily convert and extend most of the loft areas and one of the best things about the added space is that it can be used for several purposes.

Our company can even convert low roofs with ease. And the major benefit is that the conversion is built off-site to our tried and tested specification which has been in existence in the building industry for more than two decades.

This has helped us reduce onsite work and stress. Whether you need extra space for children, extra space to use as a home office or just need a tranquil retreat where you can relax after a stressful and tiring day, contact us so that we can help you out.

At times you may be having a very large roof area that you would like to convert into usable space while holding the other half as storage space or you would like to separate your loft conversion with ensuite and a kitchen ideal for visitors, a reliant relative and so on. In such cases, it is good to consider

The cost of building a loft conversion

Our lofts and extensions and attic conversions usually come with a Building Regulations Certificate and Part P Electrical Certificate. This shows that the work we do adheres to the latest regulations. We often guide our clients through the process of converting their attic space.

We also show them how the process can be done quickly but effectively. PineTree can convert a roof space up to 8x faster than traditional attic conversion. We also reduce the upheaval of standard loft conversions by several weeks and months.

Would you like more information about this unique way of adding more space to your home? If so, contact us or visit our Free Easy Quote page to understand how this technique can help you get your dream loft conversion.

Convert your loft with PineTree

Extra Bedrooms

Is your family about to get bigger and you are worried that the space in your home may not be enough?

Worry no more as a loft conversion can ensure that there is enough space for everyone in your home.

Whether you need a beautiful nursery for a new addition or whether you have a teenager who would like some privacy, we will tailor a new room that will suit your needs right from the design to the final fittings.